Parent Teacher Association

Parent-teacher association (PTA) stand organised under HP education code 2001 to engender interaction between parents and teachers, with a missionary zeal for the development of college. Its main objectives are as follows:

  1. To revive the relationship between the parents and teachers.
  2.  To create healthy educational environment in the college.
  3.  To arrange discussions with the elder person of the society from time to time and incorporate their suggestions for the improvement of the educational standard in the college.
  4.  To suggest ways so that education of students can be promoted.
  5.  To make a collective effort to refine the conduct of student and also to restrict the entry of anti-social elements in college campus.
  6.  To inform the parents/ guardian of their wards from time to time and make arrangement for the parents to meet the concerned staff once in a quarter.
  7.  To make parents aware of various schemes of govt. in the area of education and also to give information about various activities and programmes of department of education.