The fee structure given below is as per the H.P. Government Notification EDN Kha(8)1/2001 dated 01-06-2010 and Himachal Pradesh Directorate of Education letter No. EDN-H(21)A(3)20/2010-V dated 03-06-2012.

H.O. A/c


Fees & Funds


Govt. Funds


Tuition Fee (Boys)

50.00 p.m.

Admission Fee

25.00 p.a.

Re-Admission Fee (1st time)


Re-Admission Fee (2nd time)


University Funds/Fee


University Development Fund (General)

250.00 (Subsidised)

University Development Fund (BPL/IRDP)

100.00 (Non-Subsidised)

Registration Fee

200.00 p.a. (online)

Continuation Fee

10.00 p.a.

Migration Fee

50.00 p.a.

H.P.U. Youth Welfare Fee

15.00 p.a.

Holiday Home fee

1.00 p.a.

Sports Fee

30.00 p.a.

College Funds


Library Security (refundable)

100.00 p.a.

House Exam Fee

40.00 p.a.

Magazine Fee

50.00 p.a.

Union Fund

25.00 p.m.

Medical Fund

6.00 p.a.

Student’s Aid Fund

2.00 p.a.

Identity Card Fee

10.00 p.a.

Duplicate Identity Card Fee


NCC Fund

10.00 p.a.

Building Fund

10.00 p.a.

Book Rebinding & Replacement Fund

25.00 p.a.

Campus Dev, Beautification & up-keeping Fund

10.00 p.a.

Cultural Activity Fund

20.00 p.a.

Furniture Repair/Replacement Fund

10.00 p.a.

Computer & Internet Facility

20.00 p.a.

Sports Fund

20.00 p.m.

Rover & Rangers Fund

5.00 p.m.

Physics Practical Fund

20.00 p.m.

Chemistry Practical Fund

20.00 p.m.

Botany Practical Fund

20.00 p.m.

Zoology Practical Fund

20.00 p.m.

Geography Practical Fund

15.00 p.m.

Music Practical Fund

15.00 p.m.

Computer Practical (Commerce & Maths Students)

15.00 p.m.